Combining NFC and blockchain technology, Legitimate helps brands innovate and create engaging plus secure digital experiences for customers.

NFC (Near-Field-Communication)

Similar to Bluetooth and WiFi, NFC is a wireless connectivity technology. However, as its name implies, NFC enables what is considered short-range communication between devices (usually < ~4cm / 1 1/2" distance)

Familiar with contactless payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Visa payWave? If so, you've already been introduced NFC. When tapping your phone to the payment terminal, data is being quickly and securely transmitted via radio waves, which then facilitates the transaction to take place.

With LGT Tags, NFC is used as a means to connect a physical product to a digital identity. Every single product with a physical LGT Tag will have a unique digital ID, coupled with a constantly changing verification code.

When a customer taps an authentic product with their NFC-enabled smartphone, the verification code will be validated instantly. Then, the data that is linked to that particular tag - all the information and the digital experience associated with that item - will be shared with the user.


As to where the product data is stored, that is where blockchain comes in.

In short, blockchain is a decentralized database in which data, once entered, is immutable. This is one of the main reasons why the technology is considered revolutionary for safeguarding product authenticity in a secure yet transparent manner.

Once registered on the blockchain, every product and the data linked to it become truly unique. The data cannot be replicated nor tampered with by counterfeiters. This becomes extremely powerful in demonstrating thorough and reliable traceability of goods, from supply chain to ownership to even the second-hand market and onwards.

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