Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What does Legitimate do?

    Legitimate offers an offline-meets-offline retail technology solution, whereby we transform any physical retail good into a vehicle for digital engagement with customers.

  2. How can Legitimate help my brand?

    Whether you are a digital native brand or a brick-and-mortar store or somewhere in between, we can help you spark meaningful connections with customers, at the critical moment of customer-product interaction.

    Your product is already your best asset. With LGT Tags integrated, we power your product with digital capabilities and experiences that will resonate with today's modern consumers throughout their purchasing journey.

    Read more about the diverse applications of LGT Tags here.


  1. What are LGT Tags?

    LGT Tags are NFC (Near Field Communication) chips that enable us to attach a unique digital identity to every single physical product.

  2. How does LGT Tags work?

    NFC chips do not require any external power source. When another NFC-enabled device like a smartphone comes within close range of the chip (i.e. when user taps the product), an automatic prompt will appear on the phone, inviting the user to unlock a special digital experience on their web browser.

  3. What products can LGT Tags be integrated with?

    LGT Tags can be integrated with any product or packaging, as long as there is a small surface area for placing the tag. LGT Tags can be placed directly inside the product during manufacturing (e.g. between the inseams of a handbag) or externally on your packaging.

  4. Are there different types of LGT Tags available?

    Yes, we currently offer 3 different types of LGT Tags to best suits your product needs. 1) Stickers 2) Fabric 3) Buttons.

  5. Where can the LGT tags be adhered to on a product?

    The tag placement could be different for every product. We work together with you to determine the best location per product for driving maximum customer engagement.


  1. What is a LGT Experience?

    LGT Experience refers to the digital mobile experience that customers view after tapping on your product. Depending on your objectives, the experience can be designed and optimized to educate, drive traffic, offer promotions, and much more.

    Every business is unique, so reach out to us to discuss how Legitimate can best help your brand achieve its goals!

  2. How do you create a LGT Experience?

    We developed a special mobile app to help you create exciting digital experiences with ease. Reach out to learn more about our LGT Tag Management app (currently in beta mode).


  1. What are the technologies that power LGT Tags?

    NFC and Blockchain are the two main technologies that are working in parallel to power LGT tags.

  2. What is NFC?

    NFC is a wireless connectivity technology that enables short-range communication between devices. It is the technology behind contactless payment methods like Apple Pay and Visa payWave. Learn more here.

  3. What is Blockchain?

    In short, blockchain is a decentralized database in which data, once entered, is immutable. Once registered on the blockchain, every product and the data linked to it cannot be edited or replicated. This property of the blockchain makes it ideal for protecting product authenticity. Learn more here.