Powerful Storytelling

Let your product tell the story.

Brand Narrative Currently

Brands today are eager to share on social media their stories and behind-the-scenes magic. However there exists a big disconnect between all the brand storytelling online and the physical products that customers engage with offline.

Bridge the gap by transforming your product into a storytelling vehicle, a physical portal to an expansive digital world.

With Legitimate

With LGT Tags attached, your products will take on a consumer-centric digital identity. More than an item on a shelf, it becomes a value-adding touchpoint for engaging, educating, and connecting with customers.

Elevate the customer-product experience in personalized, dynamic, and meaningful ways.

  • Educate shoppers about your brand story, inspiration & values, and the product they have in hand
  • Share unique digital content and brand activations
  • Personalize product messaging for influencers and VIPs
  • Forge stronger product-level bonds with customers than ever before

If you are a brand that...

Multi-brand retailer

Sells in a multi-brand retailer.

Engage with prospect shoppers, even when it is not your own retail space.

Let your product tell the story and invite those customers into your brand universe.

Digital Native Brand

Is digitally native and online only

Extend the connection offline. Make the first impression count when customers receive your product.

Offer extra product tips, brand content, tailored digital offers, and more.

A brand with brick-and-mortar

Has brick-and-mortar presence

Elevate the in-store experience with additional channels for engagement.

Convert "Oh, I'm just browsing" customers. Let your product speak for you.

A brand working with influencers

Works with celebrities & influencers

Make your gifting stand out.

One mobile tap can lead to a personalized digital message.

Influencers can access campaign information, creative guidelines, and product education.