Proof of Authenticity & Provenance

Protect against counterfeit. Demonstrate radical transparency

Authenticity & Traceability Currently

Counterfeit goods are rampant across industries like luxury, beauty, and CPGs. For today's socially conscious consumers, sustainability and product traceability also heavily influence purchase decisions.

Unfortunately, existing methods like paper certificates, serial numbers, and QR codes are not fool-proof guarantees for authenticity and provenance.

Allow customers to shop confidently with easy authenticity verification and reliable product transparency data.

With Legitimate

Applying NFC and blockchain technology, we invite brands to tap into the power and transparency of an immutable digital ledger.

By registering authentic products onto the blockchain and leveraging secure encryption technology, brands can reliably showcase traceability and fend off fake goods.

Tap into Legitimate's NFC and blockchain solutions.

  • Keep track of products through the supply chain and customer journey
  • Provide transparency into sustainable sourcing and manufacturing
  • Deter counterfeiters and production of fake goods
  • Enable customers to verify product authenticity with ease

If you are...


A brand that wants to protect against counterfeits and fakes

LGT Tags help assign every product with a unique digital identity that cannot be tampered with.

Learn more about NFC and Blockchain technology.


A reseller with
in-house authentication experts

LGT Tags complement and enhance your existing authentication efforts.

Build trust by providing transparency. Share with customers who authenticated their item, how tests were conducted, and what criteria were met.

Circular Fashion

A brand with social and environmental commitments

Enable customers to trace product journeys from start to finish.

Use LGT Tags to share meaningful information about product origins, sustainability efforts, and environmental impact.